2022-04-10 Recipe for Designing World Programs
2022-04-03 Templates for medium to large sized enumerations
2022-03-31 Symbols for Enumerations
2022-03-27 Testing Guidelines For Functions
2022-03-26 Data Driven Templates
2022-03-19 Function Design Revisited
2021-07-06 Three key ingredients to make a data graphic
2021-07-06 Organizational units of an OOP program
2021-07-04 Function design process
2021-07-04 Design one function per task and compose
2021-06-27 Syntax and Semantics of BSL (so far)
2021-06-05 Dealing with overplotting in a scatter plot
2021-06-04 To program is to write arithmatic expressions
2021-05-06 Constant definitions in a program
2021-05-04 Using namespaces to avoid naming conflicts
2021-05-04 Introduction to Classes in C++
2021-01-31 Six ways to match patterns in Haskell
2020-12-28 Revisiting Luhn's algorithm using higher-order functions
2020-12-28 A pattern to unfold a list
2020-12-27 Using foldr to define map and filter
2020-12-27 Higher-order functions
2020-12-26 5 step process to write recursive functions
2020-12-26 Sorting algorithms in Haskell
2020-12-26 Recursive definitions of few standard prelude functions
2020-12-12 List comprehensions in Haskell
2020-12-12 Luhn Algorithm to check for validity of bank card numbers
2020-12-07 Organizing types in Haskell
2020-12-06 Organizing values with types in Haskell
2020-12-06 Guarded equations for conditional expressions in Haskell
2020-12-05 Reasoning a computation based on problem and symantics
2020-11-10 Micro-benchmarking in OCaml
2020-11-05 Tail recursion as an idiom for space-efficient algorithms
2020-11-04 Recursion as a problem solving idiom
2020-11-01 Bindings, Expressions and Patterns in OCaml
2020-09-02 Hello SML!
2020-08-16 Common math operations in JavaScript
2020-08-10 Test with Jest
2020-08-09 Creating new classes using inheritance
2020-08-09 Using classes to group similar functions together
2020-08-09 Arrow functions do not create 'this' object
2020-08-09 Using classes to create reusable objects
2020-08-04 Making quick interactive plots with Chart.js
2020-08-03 Using localStorage to persistently store data on client side
2020-08-03 Using JSON format
2020-08-03 Getting user input (HTML Forms)
2020-07-30 Working with objects in JavaScript
2020-07-30 Common array methods in JavaScript
2020-07-30 Common string methods in JavaScript
2020-07-30 Styling links as buttons
2020-07-30 Using media queries to aid responsiveness
2020-07-29 Designing navbar layout with flexbox
2020-07-29 Controlling whitespace around flexbox items
2020-07-28 Starting to think responsively
2020-07-16 CSS's box model is ...interesting
2020-07-12 DOM as JavaScript's gateway into HTML
2020-07-11 Create multi-column layout using CSS Flexbox
2020-07-10 Hello CSS!
2020-07-10 Hello HTML5!
2020-05-10 Wish list of functions
2020-05-10 Loop through array in reverse to remove multiple elements
2020-04-29 Learning to Design Programs
2020-04-29 Manage packages with venv in Python
2020-04-17 How to git (and github)
2020-02-16 Atreus Building Experience
2020-02-03 Objects and Methods in JavaScript
2020-01-31 Using Functions from Other Files in JavaScript
2020-01-30 A Quick Look at Quicksort
2020-01-30 Divide and Conquer: MergeSort
2020-01-29 Function calling itself? weird!
2020-01-26 Insertion-sorting a vector
2020-01-19 Bubble-sorting a vector
2020-01-18 Converting a decimal to binary
2020-01-18 Implementing stack in JavaScript
2020-01-18 Queue implementation in JavaScript
2020-01-14 Implementing vectors in JavaScript
2020-01-12 Creating linked list using JavaScript objects
2020-01-12 Objects and Constructors in JavaScript
2020-01-11 Does JavaScript passes function arguments by value or by reference?
2020-01-11 Initialize C arrays while declaring and respect the bounds
2020-01-05 Binary Search
2020-01-05 Hello JavaScript!
2020-01-02 Integer overflow behavior in C
2019-12-22 Array name is pointer to first element
2019-12-17 Point me to Pointers
2019-12-16 C Functions
2019-12-15 Hello C
2019-11-03 Finding Two Larger Numbers Out of Three
2019-10-22 Kandinsky at the Bauhaus (Circles in a Circle)
2019-10-20 Finding the Greatest Common Divisor
2019-10-20 Herons Method to Find Square Root of a Number
2019-09-28 A New Path
2018-12-29 data.table: Swiss Army Knife for Data Wrangling
2018-12-28 Quizme Workflow With Autoquiz
2018-12-28 Autoquiz: A Wrapper to Run Quizme from Terminal
2018-12-25 Quizme Development
2018-12-23 Quizme Design
2018-03-11 Mastering Atomic Vectors in R
2018-03-06 Just Enough... Vim
2018-02-08 Creating a New ggplot2 Theme