A New Path

Saturday, Sep 28, 2019

Over the last couple of years, I have developed an interest to learn more about computers and computing. After shorter jibes at very specific topics (data science with R and a little bit of python) I want to do more systematic learning in some areas and learn more fundamentals. At the moment it seems like I might be focusing on data and AI but I don't know. My thinking and interests are sure to evolve as I learn more. It's gonna be some work but I am very excited at the moment.

I believe the best way to learn computer science (or anything for that matter) is to spend time learning the fundamentals. Then you can look out for stuff that interests you strongly and see what you want to build in those areas. Strong interest is very important to learn deep and building things keeps the motivation.

One thing that engages me deeply is where the solution and/or the product is overly complicated. I am a big fan of simple but robust and functional things. Everyday I come across stuff that is poorly designed, semi-functional and breaks often. In the software world, it seems like it's accepted norm in many applications!

Hopefully I start to see these problems through a differnt lens as I move in my journey and start to contribute in a meaningful way by solving little problems. I will continue to write about my experiences as I go along. Wish me luck!