2021-09-15 Space Invaders - classic game built using programming design principles (Racket)
2021-06-23 MerklerexBot - a command-line application for automated trading of cryptocurrencies (C++)
2020-08-11 Let's Draw - a simple web-based drawing app built using p5.js (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
2020-06-20 Earth & Sole - a running newsletter with ability to log data (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)
2019-06-30 Pong - the classic game (Python)
2018-10-18 Quizme - a quizzing tool to learn anything using spaced repetition (R)
2017-07-13 Wordup - a fast yet accurate word prediction app (R)
2017-03-23 RDataExplorer - explore built-in R datasets with ease (R)