2022-04-10 Recipe for Designing World Programs
2022-04-03 Templates for medium to large sized enumerations
2022-03-27 Testing Guidelines For Functions
2022-03-26 Data Driven Templates
2021-07-06 Organizational units of an OOP program
2021-07-04 Function design process
2021-07-04 Design one function per task and compose
2021-06-27 Syntax and Semantics of BSL (so far)
2021-06-04 To program is to write arithmatic expressions
2021-05-06 Constant definitions in a program
2021-05-04 Using namespaces to avoid naming conflicts
2021-05-04 Introduction to Classes in C++
2020-05-10 Wish list of functions
2020-04-29 Learning to Design Programs